In Brâssica Education we know the importance about nutrition for the student’s growth and respond to their daily effort. We are present in all stages of education and all education areas, both public and private.

"Eat healthy, grow strong" is one of the Brâssica Group campaign in school canteens. Our goal is to educate children in healthy habits such as feeding behavior. We realize that our instructors have an active role as educators. We take this opportunity to develop and pass on values taking into account the fun as the common denominator.

We have an extensive program of educational and leisure activities that monitors realize during break-times in the canteens in order to give our children a constant education: traditional games, crafts workshops, experiments and various activities related to the present season, the festivities, etc.

Brâssica makes "eating at school" as one of the favorite moments of children during the school time, where they eat, play, learn and enjoy with their classmates and instructors.